My father and his grandkids, Cupertino, CA

I took this photo a year or two ago. We were all visiting my grandmother and aunt in California, and my father was enjoying some time with his grandkids. My brother was either out or asleep. My favorite part of the image is my older nephew popping out of the bottom of the frame.

It was one of the rare times my immediately family has been together. My parents have retired and spend a good deal of time in Denver, visiting my brother and his kids. Unfortunately, he hasn't had the time to come east, and while I do a fair bit of traveling, Denver isn't an airport oen can fly through en route to anywhere.

Speaking of traveling, I'm about to head to China with my parents. They'll be on the road for two months; I'll be traveling for almost as long, first with them, then possibly to Tibet after attending a wedding in Beijing that splits my travel neatly in half. I haven't yet had the time to properly research the second half of my trip; it's someting I probably should be doing now. :p

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so warming... ^^

thanks! it really is. :p

Posted by eugene on 04 Sep 2009, 4.09 AM

I almost missed the kid in the lower left. It makes the image for me. Great snapshot, very honest.

Posted by Brian on 05 Sep 2009, 10.30 AM

thanks brian! my nephew in the lower left jumping into frame totally makes the image for me too. i love those happy accidents. :p

Posted by eugene on 06 Sep 2009, 3.08 AM

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