Man with balloons, New Year's Eve, NY

New Year's Eve, I walked home from SoHo House. It was after midnight, and I had walked by the river. Turning east, and back towards the city, I passed few people on the west side. A slight rain had been falling steadily, but it wasn't enough for me to open an umbrella.

Crossing the west village, a balloon flew near the ground and I leapt to grab it by it's string. The cold air must have kept it from floating further, and I walked home with it trailing in my wake.

Nearing my house, I saw a man approach on the street with a bunch of balloons in his hands. I fumbled for my camera, clinging tightly to my own balloon, quickly took a reading, and snapped this photo. I had been taking photos of balloons all evening in celebration. I took some of the balloons that had floated to the ceilings of SoHo House. The next day I would take more, of balloons caught in lamp-posts, through the trees.

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Posted 12 Feb 2010   |   Photography + design © Eugene Kuo // 226.